Case Study: Epic Keynotes – Revolutionizing the Contract Process through Automation


Epic Keynotes, a premier booking agency for professional speakers, faced a cumbersome multi-step contract process critical to their operations. The extensive manual effort involved in producing, formatting, and sending contract documents for each booking phase was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. The agency needed a solution that could streamline these processes, enhance accuracy, and free up employee time for more valuable tasks.


Partnering with Brand New Colors, Epic Keynotes embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul their contract process. Our solution was a custom-designed multi-automation system, leveraging the flexibility of Airtable and the power of Google Docs, connected seamlessly through sophisticated automation.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Airtable Integration: We utilized Airtable as the central database to track and manage all deal information, serving as the foundation for the automation process.
  • Custom Multi-Automation System: Our system automated the flow of information between Airtable, Google Docs, and email platforms. Deal Agents could now trigger document production at various contract stages with simple checkbox actions in Airtable.
  • Template Document Generation: The system automatically populated deal information into perfectly formatted Google Docs templates, ready for distribution.
  • Email Automation: Finalized documents were emailed directly from the Deal Agents to relevant parties, streamlining communication and ensuring timely progression of each contract phase.


The implementation of the custom multi-automation system by Brand New Colors revolutionized Epic Keynotes’ contract process. The immediate elimination of manual copy-paste tasks not only saved significant time but also completely eradicated errors associated with manual data entry. Operational efficiency soared, allowing the Epic Keynotes team to redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives and customer service.

Results Achieved:

  • Increased Efficiency: The streamlined process reduced the time to prepare and send contracts by over 70%, significantly speeding up the booking process.
  • Error Elimination: The automated system ensured that errors in contract documents were a thing of the past, enhancing the professional image of Epic Keynotes.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Freed from tedious manual tasks, the team could now engage in more meaningful, value-added activities, boosting morale and productivity.

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Epic Keynotes’ success story is a testament to the transformative power of strategic automation. Like Epic Keynotes, your business too can achieve remarkable efficiency and accuracy in your operations. With Brand New Colors’ Full Automation Narrative Blueprint, embark on a journey to operational excellence and unlock the full potential of your team.

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