Create Value Through Real Work

Streamline Everyone’s Digital Tasks through Automation Architecture.


Operational Efficiency


Data-Driven Dashboards


Seamless Integrations

Value is wasted when you do the computer’s job.

Without automation, you’re ineffective.

Our ADD-ONS framework initiates a custom implementation plan for automation, returning you to be human.

Automating task completion holistically.

Leveraging data for strategic decisions

Linking systems to communicate effectively.

Automation Services

We offer flexible options, which you can adapt to the different needs of each project.


Full Automation Assessment


Full Automation Blueprints

Automation Plans for 10 Workflows

Implementation and Production consulting


Bespoke Development and Personalized Support

Flexible, Hourly Retainers

Deliverables and Meetings

Automation Plan

The 3 step plan to automating your enterprise


Operational Review

Assessing your current narrative for efficiency opportunities.


Custom Blueprint

Crafting an automation strategy that fits your story.


Build & Scale

Bringing your streamlined operations to life, chapter by chapter.

Give the tasks to the computer so you can do the real work with A.D.D.-O.N.S, our proprietary Enterprise Architecture framework which can be applied to businesses, nonprofits, and endeavors of all shapes and sizes.

A – Automation: 🤖 Transform tedious, manual tasks into automated processes, freeing up your team’s time to focus on strategic growth and innovation. Automation is the engine that drives your business forward, ensuring efficiency and consistency across all operations.

D – Databases: 💾 Centralize and secure your critical data, making it easily accessible for analysis and decision-making. Databases are the backbone of your information strategy, organizing your insights and powering informed business decisions.

D – Dashboards: 📊 Visualize your key performance indicators in real-time, offering actionable insights at a glance. Dashboards turn complex data sets into clear, understandable metrics, enabling you to steer your business with precision and agility.

O – Output: 📈 Generate meaningful results and deliverables through streamlined processes and automation. Output is the visible manifestation of your operational efficiency, showcasing the tangible benefits of the ADD-ONS framework in enhancing productivity.

N – Notifications: 📲 Keep your team and stakeholders informed with timely alerts and updates. Notifications ensure that important information is communicated promptly, improving response times and facilitating smoother operations.

S – Syndication: 🌐 Share and distribute data seamlessly across platforms and systems, ensuring consistency and accuracy of information. Syndication enhances your operational coherence, making your data work for you in the most efficient way possible.

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