Full Automation Narrative Blueprint:

Craft Your Future with Precision and Strategy

The Full Automation Narrative Blueprint from Brand New Colors is more than just a plan; it’s a comprehensive strategy designed to integrate seamless automation across your enterprise. Priced at $5,000, this service goes beyond conventional solutions to offer a roadmap that’s tailored to your unique business needs, leveraging our ADD-ONS framework for a holistic approach to automation.

Offering Overview:

Our Full Automation Narrative Blueprint delivers a detailed, actionable strategy that encompasses key aspects of your business operations. It includes the mapping of 10 critical workflows—2 each across Sales, Operations, Production, HR, and Finance departments—with up to 4 custom automations for each workflow, ensuring a thorough integration of automation within your enterprise.


  • 10 meticulously mapped workflows across 5 departments
  • Up to 4 custom automations per workflow
  • A strategic blueprint detailing the integration of ADD-ONS
  • Implementation roadmap and strategic consultation

Value to Your Endeavor:

  • Receive a tailor-made blueprint for integrating automation into your operations
  • Streamline processes and enhance efficiency across departments
  • Access a clear, actionable plan for deploying automation tools and strategies


  • Transform and modernize your business operations
  • Increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save time
  • Foster innovation and strategic growth within your team

Embrace a future of efficiency and innovation. Invest in your Full Automation Narrative Blueprint today.