🌟 Retainer Services at Brand New Colors

Crafting Your Future with Strategic Enterprise Architecture & Storytelling

At Brand New Colors, we merge the art of storytelling with the precision of Enterprise Architecture to bring your business narrative to life. Our retainer options are designed to provide flexibility, value, and a partnership aimed at progressive transformation.

🔍 Choose Your Retainer Path:

  • 5-Hour Retainer: Ideal for sparking new initiatives or gaining strategic insights.
  • 20-Hour Retainer: Optimal for comprehensive projects, offering a preferred rate of $125 per hour.

🤝 Benefits of Our Retainer Services:

  • Priority Collaboration: Direct access ensures your projects are front and center.
  • Transparent Investment: A clear rate of $175 per hour, with a commitment discount in our 20-hour package.

⏱️ Our Service Commitment:

  • Broad Expertise: From strategy formulation to design execution.
  • Transparent Tracking: Regular updates on how your investment is being utilized.

📞 Keeping the Lines Open:

  • Consistent Communication: Reach us via email during business hours, with scheduled calls for deep dives into your projects.

🏆 Our Quality Pledge:

  • Dedicated Excellence: The heart behind Brand New Colors LLC is committed to the highest quality outcomes for your business.

🚀 Select Your Retainer Package

Use the buttons below to pick a pricing package. You will be redirected to a checkout page. Brand New Colors will be in touch, directly, about the time purchased and our work on your endeavor.

Disclaimer and Important Considerations:

Please be aware that the digital landscape, especially concerning applications and automation, is ever-evolving. While we aim to future-proof your business, adjustments due to application updates or changes fall under the business owner’s responsibility.

  • Liability of Damages: Brand New Colors LLC is not liable for any damages, including but not limited to lost data, system malfunctions, or business disruptions, resulting from modifications to your applications or automation systems. This stands even if such outcomes were unforeseen or if we proceeded with changes at your direction against our advice.
  • Custom Development Upkeep: Bespoke solutions may require maintenance to stay current with technological advancements. Any necessary upkeep will be communicated and billed separately to ensure your systems remain effective and efficient.

By partnering with Brand New Colors, you’re taking a decisive step towards redefining your business’s narrative and operational efficiency. Let’s navigate the path to success together, with a clear understanding of the journey ahead.